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Re: QUESTIONNAIRE: Debian Project Leadership

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 02:44:37PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I hope you can post a summary.  I found many questions very
> interesting since you touch the question of the role of the DPL.
> I think it would be interesting for other candidates (and for the
> community as a whole) to hear what people expect from the DPL.

It is my intention to post a summary.  I didn't address this point in
the original mail because I wasn't even sure very many people would
reply.  But so far response has been very positive (in that people are
responding, and offering a lot in the way of comments) so I am hopeful
that over the coming week or so I will eventually gather a fairly decent

Originally I planned to incorporate whatever feedback I received into my
Platform, but now I'm less sure that's the right way to go.  I think we
should be having discussions about some of the issues I raised in the
questionnaire (note that -project is the proper list for such things),
especially since there are some interesting differences and confluences
of opinion in the Project that I wasn't quite expecting to see.

One hazard I can see with incorporating a summary into my Platform
(<AlGore>should I decide to run</AlGore>) is that people might
incorrectly extrapolate from my personal positions to a majority of the
questionnaire feedback.  That would be a reckless assumption because I
reserve the right to disagree with the majority of Debian Developers.
:)  (If I do so with respect to many issues, though, it's probably not
worth running for DPL.)

The hazard with not incorporating a summary into my Platform is that
people may assume that I'm trying to give the impression that the
questionnaire feedback will have had no impact on it, which would of
course be perceived as disingenuous and negative.  Of *course* the
feedback is going to have an influence on my thinking.  That's the

Anyway, one way or the other, yes; you'll have your summary.  I am going
to try to resist the temptation to perform much in the way of
quantitative and statistical analysis, because 1) I'm not experienced
with such matters and 2) I strongly suspect that my survey is going to
have some skew problems with regards to sampling.  I am probably more
likely to get responses from people who are neutral to sympathetic to
the notion of my DPL candidacy, and less likely to get responses from my
potential opponents or people who are very uncomfortable with the
thought of me being elected to DPL.  After all, the latter group, if it
exists, won't want to give me "ammunition" with which to make myself a
better candidate, because they'd rather I lose.  :)  Still, I'd welcome
an earnest response even from someone who is outright hostile to me.  If
such a person wants to wait until after the nomination period or the
election, that's fine.  The most important thing is that we as a Project
have the self-knowledge we need to make good decisions in the future.
With luck, my little[1] questionnaire will be a modest step in that

[1] well, there is some dispute on that very issue

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