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Re: current A.6 draft


Raul Miller:
> [This is my second attempt at sending this message.]
The first attempt didn't make it, apparently.

> 	  c. An option, A, defeats an option, B, if N(A,B)*V(A,B) is
> 	     larger than N(A,B)*V(B,A), and the (A,B) defeat has not
> 	     been dropped.

This does not make sense. One of the N(A,B)s needs to be N(B,A).

>           e. If a majority of n:1 is required for A, and B is the default
>              option, N(B,A) is n.  In all other cases, N(B,A) is 1.

I would generalize that to n:m (a 60% majority is 3:2, for instance).

>      4. If there are defeats within the Schwartz set, we drop the weakest
> 	such defeats, and return to step 4.
Step 3 -- you need to construct a new Schwartz set!

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