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Re: supermajority options

Raul Miller wrote:
> I'm assuming that we can describe an implementation of supermajority
> with CpSSD where supermajority does not encourage insincere voting.

WRT changes to the Constitution, a Tyrrany of the Status Quo may not be
a bad thing. my sole purpose in bringing up the study was to make the
point that Supermajorities cause that.

in the case of a Near Unanimous Decision being overturned by a
slightly-over-half majority is yes. that is a fine thing. if half of the
voters changed their mind, then there must have been something really
bad about the previous decision. if the new direction is bad, then we
can use the same process to fix it, again. at some point, either it will
be fixed, or the populace will get fed up with the whole thing, and stop

> If we can't find a decent implementation of supermajority, I'll be
> forced to agree with you that we should drop the idea of supermajority.
> However, I'm not ready to give up yet.

please, press on. if we can find an acceptable method of counting
Supermajorities, then we can discuss the merits of Supermajorities

i'm actually on the fence about Supermajorities in theory, though i
don't like the idea of a flawed implementation.


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