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Re: Another proposal.


Andrew Pimlott:
> > You also talk about only allowing insincere votes to cause the default
> > option to win, but you can't distinguish between sincere and insincere
> > votes in the system:
> Right, again what I really mean is, I oppose a system in which
> insincere votes for the default are more effective than insincere
> votes in Condorcet/CSSD.  The proposals which include early
> elimination of options beaten by the deafult (possibly with
> a supermajority requirement taken into account) have this property.
However, our latest idea seems to be that the vote is judged normally
and the supermajority (or whatever) is considered (a) afterwards and (b)
only against the default option.

That should prevent the problem (mostly -- you can't prevent it entirely
of course).

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