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Re: supermajority options


Buddha Buck:
> > I'd prefer [2b], with a mandatory "do nothing" option on the ballot. That
> > way, people can indicate whether further discussion or something else
> > (or nothing at all) should take place, should the supermajority option
> > fail.
> Except in the case of an election, there should always be a "reject all 
> options" choice on the ballot.

In an election, that choice should probably be "I'd rather abolish this
office than elect any of _those_ goons". (Supermajority required.  ;-)

> [  ] ACCEPT resolution declaring Buddha Buck a forbidden interloper
> [  ] REJECT resolution declaring Buddha Buck a forbidden interloper
> It makes no sense to have no way to reject a proposal or an amendment.

I assume that the "further discussion" item is/should be the default option..?

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