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Re: Another proposal.


Buddha Buck:
> > 70 people are for the proposal, 10 against, the remaining 20 refuse to
> > vote => the proposal fails. 
> What do you mean "the proposal fails"?  Is it dead, and can't be 
> resurrected?  Is it up for "further discusion", with a future revote?  I 
> feel that a lack of quorum shouldn't be able to kill a measure, but 
> forcing another vote on the issue after further discussion is fine, IMHO.
IMHO, any ballot with a quorum should have another non-quorum-ized option.
Thus we'd have separate "default option" = "the vote is dead", and
"further discussion" = "think more, and re-vote" items on the ballot.

That way, whether the vote is dead or not is for the voters to decide.

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