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Re: RFD: informal proposal

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 09:18:41PM +0000, Matthew Woodcraft wrote:
> Suppose a package breaks horribly, and a developer submits a bug report
> with a proposed fix A. The package's maintainer says she won't implement
> A, and proposes fix B. The submitter doesn't like B, and the question
> ends up being assigned to the technical committee.
> All members of the committee believe that both A and B are fine
> solutions, and feel no need for further discussion (D). They vote
> sincerely:
> 4  A B D
> 3  B A D
> Should this situation be treated as satisfying the 3:1 majority
> requirement for the committee to overrule the maintainer?

In this case, all committee members have agreed that it's OK to overrule
the maintainer.

If you're concerned about the B A D votes... anyone who thought that
the maintainer should not have been overruled should have voted that D
is better than A.


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