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BAH -- please ignore the 17 Nov draft

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 12:31:42AM +1100, Clinton wrote:
> So heres another proposal, that seems to work well in this case.
> (i) If the default option defeats all other options, considering its 
> supermajority and quorum benefits, than it is declared the winner.
> (ii) Otherwise, conduct the ballot normally, ignoring supermajorities 
> and quorums.

I just wrote up a draft based on this concept, but it's got a rather
trivial "strategy", which makes the whole draft pointless.

If A has a supermajority requirement, introduce option B which does not
have a supermajority requirement but does meet quorum.

By comparison, the strategy you proposed for supermajority scaling is
almost useless.  I'm going to rewrite using scaling, since that seems
to be the best compromise for stability.


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