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Re: Unusual behaviour regarding default options and supermajority requirements.


Sven Luther:
> Err, i don't know anything about voting system, apart from what i read
> lastly on debian-vote, but it seems to me that if you change the default
> option, (that is the 'non of the above' on ballots, right) then you are
> not rerunning the algorithm with identical votes, but then, i may be
> wrong about this.
No -- all the votes are fully specified, thus there is no default option

Personally, I think that the supermajority and quorum options should be
considered _after_ the result is determined. If the winner doesn't satisfy
the requirements, then the vote fails and the default option (keep the
status quo, i.e. the one option which doesn't have a quorum or
supermajority applied to it) wins.

Votes with more complicated quorum or supermajority restrictions shouldn't
be run in the first place.

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