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Re: voting mechanics draft update


Anthony Towns:
> > >        v. If this new Schwartz set contains only one option, that
> > >           option wins.
> > > 
> > As per the definition, there is no such thing as a one-option Schwartz
> > set

> Uh, if C is the Condorcet winner, or becomes the Condorcet winner after
> ignoring some defeats of it, the Schwartz set has only one option.

Actually you're right, the definition allows that. I was thinking not of
the definition but of the list of steps we're going through, and we're
using the "if there's a clear winner, then we're done, else build a
Schwartz set" method, as opposed to the equivalent "build a Schwartz set,
and if that has only one member, that's the winner" procedure.

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