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[mike ossipoff <ossipoff2002@yahoo.com>] Corrections to my program

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I'm sorry that the program that I sent to you 
had some errors:

I inadvertently used "=" when I should have used
"==", for equality-testing.

I missed the fact that for, if, elif, else, and
while statements must be followed by a colon ":".

In the line toward the end, where I used the min
function, I left out a parenthesis.

When copying into e-mail, I left out an "else" block:

Where I had an 'if' followed by two 'elif's, they
should be followed by:


[end of corrections to program]

Manoj, would you send this correction to the people
to whom you forwarded the program? I'm sorry to send
an error-ridden program--I'm relatively new at

At the earliest opportunity, which means within a day
or two, I'll send the complete program, with the
corrections made. But I hope that you'll forward this
correction message to those people too.


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