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Re: Request for comments [voting amendment]


So who did come up with the mistake "Schultz", and did they eat too many
peanuts? ;-)

Anthony Towns:

> The correct restatement is something more like:
> 	{ x | forall y: y >> x --> x >>> y }
Or, in understandable language: The Schwartz set is the innermost unbeaten
set, or the smallest set of candidates such that none are beaten by any
candidate outside the set.

As for resolution, I'd adopt the SSD method, which states
1- Determine the Schwartz set.
2- Drop the smallest defeat(s) within the set.
3- Repeat 1-3 until there's a winner.

See http://electionmethods.org/CondorcetEx.htm.
It explains all of this in reasonably easy-to-understand language.

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