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Trying to determin the Quorum

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        Here are some statistics:
 Number of PGP keys:    746
 Number of PGP Keys:    479
 Total No of keys:     1225

 	But the Key rings contain keys of people who have left the
 project, and several people, myself included, have two keys, and it
 is not easy to determine the total number of developers.

	The LDAP database of active UIDs can help: 
  However, LDAP contains non human UID entries as well, so one must
  correlate this with the key rings. We may do this by querying LDAP by
  fingerprint information. So, extracting all fingerprints for the
  keys, and querying  LDAP, we get:

 Number of unique UIDs corresponding to the fingerprints:  939
 Total number of UID entries in LDAP:                     1098

	There were no errors in the LDAP queries, and 1225 UIDs were
 returned for the 1225 fingerprints in the key rings, with 939 unique
 UIDs in the list returned. There fore, I am concluding that there are 939 eligible voters
 for this election.

 Quorum = 3Q
 Q = sqrt(939)/2 = 30.643107/2 = 15.321553
3Q = 45.96466

	The quorum for the vote is thus 45.96466 votes.

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