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Hi folks,

	The scripts are mostly done, apart from adding on to the
 documentation, and then perhaps some refactoring to extract common
 code into packages, and better encapsulation, etc. 

	They'll go into a cron job as soon as two packages from non-US
 are installed on vote.debian.org (I could, of course, continue to run
 the vote from my machine, but that would leave the vote in an
 unwelcome position were I to get hit by a truck).

	Oh, and a funny thing happened: A Ack, sent to a developer,
 was bounced back to the vote me by tmda, since secretary@d.o was not
 a recognized address. This bounce went through and got processed,
 failed the gpg check, and a nack was generated that was, of course,
 sent to the confirm  address of the previous ack, causing the ack to
 get delivered to the developer. The vote system as TMDA bypasser ;-)

	Two acks could not be delivered since th messages could not be
 encrypted. I confirmed it manually, the error was of the form: 
gpg: developer@domain.org: skipped: unusable public key 

	I am not sure what this means, but it can't be good.

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