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Re: Some questions for the candidates...

Le Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 05:05:53AM +1000, Anthony Towns écrivait:
> I just wanted to followup on one issue. I'll start with Raphael's answer
> 'cause it seemed strangest:

I'll try to be more clear then ...

> > can participate of course but he's not more influencial than any other
> > developer). And we already have the technical committee to resolve
> > the controversial issues.
> I think it seems pretty strange to say that "the Debian Project _Leader_"
> isn't any more influential than others when it comes to leadership on
> technical issues. 

It depends on what kind of leadership you wish ... when a subject
matters to me, I participate and give arguments and so on. I should
not have more "power" to impose my personal views on any technical

However, when I'm not directly involved in a discussion, when I just
follow it, and if the discussions seems to go nowhere, I may jump in
to remind what the goals are and to focus the discussion again on
something that is useful to Debian. I may also let it die if I think
that nothing interesting can come out of it.

It's surely not easy to distinguish both cases but that's my
interpretation of the constitusion 5.1.9 as you quote it. And I do
agree with that part of the constitution.

Even if (in the facts) the leader is more influential than the other
developers when it comes to technical decisions, I don't think it's in
his scope to participate in all the technical decisions, he has already
enough to do with the rest (infrastructure and internal/external

> (It seems especially strange coming from someone whose
> platform consists of a whole raft of new, technical, goals for Debian
> to work on over the next twelve months and beyond, but hey)

Well, my platform doesn't consist of "technical goals". My platform is
about "tools" to let us realize Debian's goals. Of course, the setup
of those tools can be considered like a little goal on our path ... :-)

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