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Re: Some questions for the candidates...

Previously Branden Robinson wrote:
> It's unclear to me how much negative impact we have experienced due to
> this, aside from occasional poor press.  As DPL I'd like to encourage
> the security team to take on more members if they can find trustworthy
> and motivated individuals with which to grow their ranks.

And as security team we'ld like to get some better support from DSA
and buildd maintainer so we don't have to wait as long on build
dependencies to be installed and rbuilders to appear (after a few months
of asking around we are still at exactly 1 working rbuilder in
debian.org..). I'm not quite sure how a DPL can help in that though.

> 2) Endorsement by major computer manufacturers and or ISV's (like, say,
>    Oracle); I think Debian's profile needs to be higher.  There are
>    *still* too many people in the world who think that "Red Hat = Linux".

Endorsement by Oracle is solely a matter of money: someone will have
to spent a nice amount of cash to get woody certified by Oracle. The
procedure isn't all that difficult.


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