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Re: Q for candidates: the ALS issue


Le Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 04:05:23PM -0600, Chris Lawrence écrivait:
> A brief discussion is at http://www.spi-inc.org/corporate/minutes/20011113
> 1. What actions (if any) would you take at DPL to ensure that similar
>    problems do not recur in the future?
> 2. What role do you see Debian playing at similar trade shows in the
>    future (whether organized by USENIX or not)?
> 3. Should Debian continue to participate in activities organized by
>    USENIX and SAGE?  (I note that ALS is not listed as an upcoming
>    conference by USENIX at usenix.org, which suggests this may be a
>    moot issue.)

First of all, I'm not familiar with that particular case since I never
participated in ALS. I don't think the DPL has something to do apart
from listening to what people have to say about the ALS. If the people
involved with Debian at ALS think we should do something, and if they
feel they need the approval of the leader, then he may have to
acknowledge the action of those who are in touch with USENIX.

And of course, we should continue to participate in such events as long
as it's reasonable and doable. However we may have to voice our remarks
so that we can participate without spending too many bucks.

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