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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd and Debian GNU/*BSD

El dv, 15 mar 2002 09:21:08 Branden Robinson ha escrit:
On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 03:03:46PM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> My questions for the three candidates are:
>   What is your personal opinion on those ports?

I'm very enthusiastic about them.  I don't have time at present to
devote to helping them out very much at a technical level,
unfortunately, but I'm quite interested in allocating some disk space to
playing with them.

I used 4.3BSD before I even knew about Linux.  The Hurd also holds a
great deal of interest for me.  These projects seem to me to fall
completely within Debian's charter, and I'd like to see them grow and

>   Will you support the above mentioned changes?

I'll support anything that doesn't have a long-term detrimental effect
on Debian's already-installed base.

Thank you for your support!

I count that we can get Xfree86 easily integrated when Joel Baker is
finished with his GNU/NetBSD adaptations.


Robert Millan          Debian GNU/* user
zeratul2 wanadoo es    http://getyouriso.dyndns.org/

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