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Re: question for all: Content of packages

dieman@ringworld.org (Scott Dier) writes:

> Since at least one person has off-handedly suggested that an elected
> official, such as the DPL, should handle package content disputes, I
> bring this question.
> Do you feel the DPL should be involved in these sorts of things?


> And, optionally, do you have an opinion on how 'offensive' package
> content should be handled?

We have to assume that something we say or do or ship in our packages is 
going to be perceived as offensive... since the people of Earth have such 
vastly different ideas about what is offensive that we are unlikely to be 
able to avoid offending everyone all the time.  

I don't personally see the point of adding gratuitous profanity to package
changelog entries, but I worry that actively working to censor such content
might reflect far more poorly on our project than the content in question 


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