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Re: Q for candidates: the ALS issue

lawrencc@debian.org (Chris Lawrence) writes:

> 1. What actions (if any) would you take at DPL to ensure that similar
>    problems do not recur in the future?

It would have been best if those actually involved in the arrangements for
Debian at ALS last fall had followed up with Usenix immediately after the 
event.  We might want to make it part of our general practices for such events
in the future to provide feedback to the organizers about how we think things
went.  That kind of feedback is often highly desired by event organizers.

> 2. What role do you see Debian playing at similar trade shows in the
>    future (whether organized by USENIX or not)?

I'd like Debian to have a presence on the vendor floor of as many relevant
shows as we can, but that's mostly a function of who is available, planning 
to attend, and willing to organize the logistics.  The suggestion of 
recognizing regional event coordinators is a good one, if there are folks who
are willing to serve in that capacity.

I think Debian is reasonably well represented with talks at Linux events, but
I would certainly encourage more members of the Debian community to put
talks together and submit them to these shows.  There might be something we 
could do to raise the visibility of the calls-for-papers from various events 
that would help this, like getting them mentioned in DWN?

> 3. Should Debian continue to participate in activities organized by
>    USENIX and SAGE?  (I note that ALS is not listed as an upcoming
>    conference by USENIX at usenix.org, which suggests this may be a
>    moot issue.)

Yes.  Usenix has been around a long time, and their activities are generally
well organized and well attended.  We should take steps to ensure that we are
welcomed at their events.

I note that Usenix is in the middle of an election for officers and board
members right now.  When that election ends, we might take the opportunity 
to contact the new Usenix board, let them know of the problems we experienced
at ALS last year, and seek some action on their part to ensure that community
projects like Debian are able to be represented at their future events. 


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