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Debian Leader Election: Publishing platforms

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Hi Folks,

	This is a notice to prospective candidates for the Debian
 Project Leader elections.  I intend to collect platform statements
 from the candidates, and publish them on a known location (somewhere
 under www.debian.org/vote) at the end of the nomination period and
 the beginning of the campaign, which makes it roughly the 27th of
 February, 2002.

	I suggest that the candidates send the platform, preferably in
 HTML/SGML, to the secretary at least a couple of days before the
 publication date.

	This should give the candidates enough time to craft their
 platforms, I should think. The format of the web page is open to
 discussion, but I suggest there be at least three sections:
  a) Introduction/Biography
  b) Major Goal/ Meat of the platform,
  c) Rebuttal. 

	After the publication, there share be a one week period for
 each candidate to create a rebuttal, and the rebuttals shall be
 published on the 7th of march.

	Voting shall start on the 21st of March, 2002, and shall last
 for 3 weeks, ending on the 10th of April.

	Please send comments to the debian-vote@lists.debian.org
 mailing list.

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 "Bring the little ones unto me, and I will get a good price for
 them." Dr. Fegg
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