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Re: Withdrawal of the General Resolution about IRC

Previously Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Because the most concerned people (Wichert as #debian-devel's channel
> founder and Branden as an operator) didn't want to participate in the
> discussion, not even respond to simple questions that would have let us
> continue the work.

Fact is that the last 2 weeks I've been busy with getting started at
a new job and have only being doing the really necessary things outside
of that.

* OpenProjects is not a Debian resource, and I do not think Debian can
  claim to own a part of it
* #debian-devel was created because #debian became too busy with non
  development related discussions, not because people wanted to a place
  for private discussions.
* #debian-devel has always been a channel for Debian development. It
  never was a channel restricted to just Debian developers
* having non-developers on #debian-devel has been a positive influence:
  + apsiring developers and others participate in good technical
  + it is a very useful place to discuss topics that are broader then
    just debian. For example security problems, LSB topics, etc.
* closing #debian-devel to just developers will not have a positive 
  + a number developers of will leave the channel
  + it will create an image that Debian is a closed organisation,
    something which we are already suffering from to some degree
  + keeping a channel closed is a lot of work that will just consume
    valuable time
  + there has already been a #debian-private channel for a while so I
    do not see the need to make #debian-devel a copy of that

I think we just need a simple etiquette for #debian-devel:
* it is a channel for Debian developers, general users questions should
  be on #debian 
* keep in mind irc discussions are much like discussions on any public
  place, so don't talk about things you don't want others to know
* #debian-devel is not a helpdesk. We don't mind helping with
  development issues, but do realize nobody is obliged to answer any
* try not to be offensive to people. A bad image is quickly created, but
  very hard to get rid off.
* non-Debian developers we welcome as well, as long as they realize the
  topic is Debian development


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