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Re: Debian-EM Joint Committee


I would be reluctant to vote for a proposal that allowed majorities to
decide ambiguity.  First, I am concerned that it might be open to
abuse.  Secondly, I believe that the policy making process should be
distinct from the process of interpreting that policy and I think that
vesting that interpretation in a few individuals charged with
interpreting original intent rather than proposing new policy is a
better practice.

I also believe that "fixing" the voting process so that it is
convenient enough to use more often would be a bad idea.  Currently,
the complexity and effort involved in passing a GR serves as a strong
insentive to reach a consensus through other means.  I believe this is
good, just as I believe that having a decision making process to use
when consensus fails is also good.  However, I'm a fairly new Debian
developer and my perceptions about how good of an idea it is to have a
complex voting system may be inaccurate.


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