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Re: I'm not quitting that easy. (Was: Re: I would like to vote also.)

>>"Karl" == Karl M Hegbloom <karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com> writes:

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Bushnell, BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:
 Thomas> karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:
 >>> No, I have not resigned.  I almost gave up and wrote an email
 >>> "quitting" and then thought better of it and "unquit".  My feelings
 >>> are very hurt over this.

 Thomas> I've seen at least two messages where you said you resigned.  
 Thomas> Can you please make up your mind?

 Karl>  Yes.  I'm not going to resign.  I won't quit.

 Karl>  I got frustrated and angry and quit... but now have calmed down and
 Karl>  thought it out some more.

	I am afraid you may not have a choice about this. The NM team
 has the final say, of courswe, and they may well decide to accept
 your resignation. 

	Actions have consequences. The consequence of saying multiple
 time that you quit has the consequence that people may actually
 believe you. 

 Karl>  I've met almost none of you.  You are dealing with a stranger who is
 Karl>  potentially "unstable"...

	You have a gift of masterly understatement. 

 Karl>  Deal with it.  I'm currently "unstable".

	And our way of dealing with it may be to decide when to take
 you at your word -- and that may well be when you repeatedly resigned.

 Karl>  When I go into "feature freeze", put my key in the ring.  I
 Karl>  won't quit.

	The feature freeze equivalent may well be re-applying to be a

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