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Re: personal freedom, Netscape/Mozilla (was: Re: Non-Constitutional Voting Procedure)

On Thursday 26 October 2000 19:17, Matthias Kabel wrote:
> * Max Moritz Sievers (max.moritz.sievers@gmx.de) [001012 18:22]:
> > Konqueror is the best browser I have tested. You can use it with
> > KHTML or with Gecko (the Mozilla rendering engine). KMail has
> > everthing I need and KNode is also quite useful.
> Yes, but it should be able to mask as netscape. So it is impossible to
> use it on some sites. Unfortunally with my bank. :-(

http://privacy.net/anonymizer/ says that Konqueror applys as "Mozilla/5.0 
(compatible; Konqueror/2.0; X11)". I think this guarantees compatibility 
with Mozilla.

Max Moritz Sievers

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