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Re: current ballot must be withdrawn per Constitution A.5

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 01:43:17AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> As evidence for my assertion of expiry, I submit:
>  [blahblahblah]

Maybe we should use this as a chance to actually decide this issue in
some sort of rational way.

First, we might need a new secretary. At the very least we seem likely
to have to go through a few votes to clean this matter up, and that'll
need some continued attention. I'm not volunteering. Darren, could you
please speak up if you don't have time to handle all this to everyone's
satisfaction or if you need some assistance crafting up and issuing
ballots or similar? (I imagine one of John Goerzen, Joseph Carter or
Branden Robinson might be willing and able to help here; they all seem
to have an interest in ensuring this is handled properly)

Second, we need to modify the constitution to clearly let the social
contract be modified. A single ballot to choose whether it should be
by simple majority or supermajority, and to accept the change (under
A.3.3) would probably be the best way of handling this.

Third, we need to decide the non-free issue. A single ballot to say "YES"
we want to remove it or "NO" we want to keep it is probably best here.

YMMV. Whatever. Can we get on with it though?


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