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Re: Lets speak about freeness, ...

On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Branden Robinson wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 17, 2000 at 10:42:50PM +0000, Pablo Baena wrote:
> > I tested Xfree86 4.0 days ago. It works (for me) but there are quite a lot
> > packages that won't work anymore with it (or quite work). So, Xfree86 4.0
> > definitively wont't enter potato, and it will be hard to release it
> > even in woody since all the problems it will generate with anything else.
> > So leave Branden alone, and if you want Xfree86 4.0, go get the source
> > from www.xfree86.org. You'll be surprised on how smoothly it compiles
> > and installs itself!
> One reason I tore into Sven so hard on this point is that he actually is an
> XFree86 Developer (as am I).  I would expect members of that development
> team to know how to build X from source.  I would not insist upon such
> knowledge from Debian users generally, or from very many of my fellow
> Debian developers.

While I would agree that Debian users may not be required to have
knowledge sufficient to build an upstream source package as complex as
XFree, I think that developers should be expected to be able to attempt
such builds and contribute realistic feedback about the difficulties
involved, or they should not try to judge your participation in this

Those that have exibited some skill in actually doing this task, who still
insist on managing your volunteer efforts, I will leave in your capable
hands for proper chastisement.

Any attempt do demand particular actions from a volunteer, in principle,
if accepted as proper behavior, changes the volunteer effort into just
another form of slavery. I am opposed to such demands because I see the
freedom given to volunteers to choose their on workload and time tables to
be a fundamental principle of this group. I defend an applaud your
unwillingness to be sold into such virtual slavery, and want to take this
time to publicly thank you for all you wonderful contributions to the
XFree package in particular, and to Debian in general. Many of us who
support your efforts have not been vocal enough in communicating that
support to you. Hopefully my thanks will help reduce that failure.


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