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Re: A rebuttal (was: Re: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free)

grendel@vip.net.pl (Marek Habersack) writes:

> > Do you wish Debian to be known for providing non-free software?  The
> > social contract says that Debian is 100% free software, yet you quite
> > clearly point out above Debian has an obvious double standard.  We say
> > Debian is 100% free software and yet it isn't really.  Debian has been
> > providing non-free software and people expect this of us now.  When we
> > start tossing around the idea of changing that, it becomes obvious that
> > many of us don't really mean for Debian to be 100% free software.
> I would suspect that you should already know what many said before on that
> topic. Non-free is supposedly NOT a part of the Debian DISTRIBUTION, so

This is correct.

> Debian IS 100% free software, isn't it?? What most people opposed to the GR

The Debian Distribution is.  The Debian Project is not.

> are afraid of is that the non-free would be taken away from the Debian
> *infrastrucure* which is NOT identical to the *Debian distribution*. If the

That is correct.

> facts I outlined are true, then the GR doesn't make sense at all! ANd that's

Why?  Why does it not make sense to remove the non-free software from
the Debian Project?

> the whole point - the GR is a purely political move (and not a very clean,
> moral and right one...)
> regards,
>   marek

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