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Re: An ammendment (Re: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free)

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> I wish to propose an ammendment to the proposed resolution as follows.

This is not really an amendment.

>   1) the Debian project continues to acknowledge the utility of providing
>      non-free software for it users.

What do we need a GR for this?  What makes you think that there is
utility in us actually providing it?

>   2) the Debian project also acknowledges that some developers may be
>      unwilling or unable to explicitly work on non-free software, and
>      holds that this is not and should not be detrimental to their work
>      on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, or their contribution to the
>      Debian project.

What do we need this in a GR for?

>   3) the Debian project considers equating the importance of the "contrib"
>      and "non-free" areas described in the Social Contract with the
>      official Debian GNU/Linux distribution inappropriate.

What do we need this in a GR for?

>   4) noting that the Debian project already distributes various other
>      collections of unofficial packages, the project endorses a move to
>      specifically collect the various other add-on components such as
>      "experimental", "orphaned", "non-free" and "contrib" and to clearly
>      separate these from the "main" collection.

Vague.  Are they not clearly separated already?  If not, then you will
require an amendment to the social contract in all likelihood.

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