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RE: Formal CFV: General Resolution to Abolish Non-Free

This is from the perspective of a loyal debian user (since 1996 or so)...

I'm opposed to this in a big way.  I use debian for its ease-of-use; the
philosophical purity is a secondary consideration.  Free software is very
important, but I think that putting non-free stuff in the non-free package 
is sufficient to make its status clear.  Debian cannot afford to get rid
of these packages until they are replaced with free ones that work just
as well.  Mozilla works nowhere nearly as well as netscape, and I'm not
switching until it gets a lot better.  So if you take away from users
things that they depend on, I think it would cost Debian a lot of mindshare.
I can't see any positive purpose that it serves other than a really 
pedantic childish variety of bragging rights.

I'm not on these mailing lists; feel free to reply to me personally, 
or not.

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