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[secretary@debian.org] Vote Mail failed: An error occured while performing the LDAP lookup

What is up with this?  Does "key" refer to my GPG key?  If so, I
signed it with a key that IS in the keyring:

pub  1024D/8A1D9A1F 2000-01-30 John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>
sub  4096g/D74C643B 2000-01-30

Other than that, I simply replied to the message in -vote as per
instructions.  What is wrong?

--- Begin Message ---

Your ballot to the vote system is malformed, or an internal processing
error occured. The information below may help you, or the vote
administrator to identify the problem.

Error: An error occured while performing the LDAP lookup
==> Message Error: Key not found
Python Stack Trace:
   ? /org/vote.debian.org/bin2/gpgwrapper:176: CheckLDAP(Res[2][1]);
   CheckLDAP /org/vote.debian.org/bin2/gpgwrapper:94: raise Error, "Key not found"

Please email secretary@debian.org if you have any questions.

--- End Message ---
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