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Leadership Debate


It looks like we are going to go ahead with the Leadership IRC debate,
there has been a very positive response to the idea so far. The structure
will go like this:

* 24 hours before the debate each of the candiates will email me their
  'opening speech'. I will take all the speeches and place them onto 
  the web site at the same time. The candidates and general body can read
  them then. This will be done at once to advoid giving any candidate an
* The actual debate will have two parts, a strongly moderated traditional
  debate that goes like this:
     1) The moderator will ask the candiate a question, the candidate will
        then have a reasonable period to responed. 
     2) After the response each of the other candidates will respond in
     3) The first candidate will get to make closing remarks on the
  Each candidate will be asked 3-4 questions (~12 in total) in this
* Audience/developer questions will be asked of the candidates to answer
  'free style'. Each candidate will get a short period to respond.

The actual questions for the debate will be pre-decided in secret by a
panel (still being cooked up). Email me if you have any suggestions, note
that the obvious topics (new-maintainer, growth, etc) are covered. Pick
something different!

Since it is unlikely that everyone can make it 'live' I will accept
specific questions for the second half if you email them to me (please
indicate they are for the second half). Note - not all questions will be
asked, some may be combined or end up being answered already! I am
thinking about 10 short questions is all we will have time for. 

Finally, after the Debate the IRC log will be pretty-printed in HTML for
everyone to read. Basically the whole concept is similar to a televised
presidendial debate, but everyone has a greater chance to participate.

The date has not yet been set, sometime next week I think. Our moderator
will be Rob Levin of Linux Care. I am targeting 1 - 1.5 hours in length.

Note the return address on this mail is 'jgg-debate@wakko.deltatee.com'
please deluge that address with suggested questions :> Oh, try to keep it
off /. - skript kiddies are not invited!


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