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Platform for DPL...

This is just a brief overview of how I see where Debian is now, and where
I see it going over the next year (and continue going in the years to

As quickly as Debian has grown over the last year, and as much "outside"
attention as we have had lately, I think this year will be serve to prove
we can handle our growth. The enormous amount of software that we offer
and numerous architectural platforms is a testament to all of out hard

At our current level we are starting to see the affects of this growth,
not only in the resources we are draining, but in the hierarchy of the
project itself. Constant upgrades to out primary systems in disk space,
are still now enough to keep up with the ever growing distribution that is
sure to grow even more in the next year as we head into woody.

Our solution has always been to toss more resources at what ever problems
arise. More people, more disk, more effort. I think that at our current
level we are going to need more than this. We are going to need some
structure at our core levels, and some real seperation of
responsibilities. This will be my aim if elected as DPL.

What I'de like to see in Debian is more of a hierarchy for strong decision
making, and give every developer a chance to be involved. Do not confuse
this with more "politics" or placing developers above their peers. This
has to do with making each of out core projects (archive, mailing lists,
boot disks, i18n projects, resource management, press contacts, porters,
...) more available to peers. Right now we tend to become alienated in our
own workings, and what we needs is more structure and contact between the
groups while keeping a definite seperation of who is responsible for
what, and who is in a position to make final critical decisions (other
than the DPL). We have a great constitution in place, that needs to be
exploited to make the best of it.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to expand on these ideas based on
questions and responses from all of you.


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