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Making a NEW area (Re: Intention to Donate troll-ftpd 1.25)

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Marco d'Itri wrote:

>  > >After having had some dealings with this person on openprojects, I
>  > >would recommend a thorough examination of the package he (I'm
>  > >assuming it's a he - there is no name anywhere) is 'donating' to the
>  > >project.
>  >i think that there are no relevance on my personals opinions on you and
>  >yours opinions on me (for the second time on a public channel) for
>  >testing, use or mantaining a package.
> I think the opinion of a developer about your integrity is very
> important when you are trying to contribute code to debian.

I think that the opinion about my personality and what i think have NO
RELEVANCE for analizing and testing the package that i've developped
(contributions and other). Infact in the true free software community (not
debian) there are a lot of anonymous contributors with really different

I think that debian must have an UNOFFICIAL area only for distribute
debian software/contributions/links made by UNAUTHORIZED debian persons
for all the people that want know/test/make officially this software. The
scope of this area is to provide a global information in what the world
(free and not free, politically correct or not, authorized from debian or
not) offer to debian. 

> BTW, I fully agree with David.

i'm too, but only for see deeply in a package..

finally reread this mail because my english is very very BAD and i greet
XtErRoRsFiLeS to helped me. :)

PLEASE REPLY to trek-lists@trek.eu.org, i don't read anymore these mailing

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