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Re: Negative Summary of the Split Proposal

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Richard Braakman wrote:

> You asked for comments about the text, not the issues, and I tried to
> honour that.

Thanks! I'm made all the gramatical changes you pointed out..

> As one of the current archive maintainers, I can confirm that I have
> no interest in maintaining an archive dedicated to non-free software.
> If "some of" means more than one, then by my count this makes it
> unanimous.

I haven't spoken with Guy yet so it is still only 'some'.

>  Too Vague
>  ~~~ ~~~~~

I've renamed this to 'No Implementation Details' as having a section
called Too Vauge and one called Too Specfic seems strange.. 

> Is this true?  I've never seen APT indicate that.

Always has:

Wakko{root}~/work/apt#apt-get -d install archie
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 269 not upgraded.
Need to get 33.0kB of archives. After unpacking 71.7kB will be used.
Get:1 http://conan.eecg.toronto.edu potato/non-free archie 1.4.1-9 [33.0kB]
Notice the words 'non-free'. Yes it does indicate after you start

> >  This will require Debian to solicit sponsorship and purchase hardware or
> >  place more load other machines to support this increase in bandwidth.
> >  In all likely hood the new non-free.debian.org machine would also contain
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^ should be "likelihood".
> >  a mirror of the main archive and serve as a master.non-free.debian.org.
> (Do you have evidence for this likelihood?  I see no reason for it.)

There is a high chance that we will use samosa.d.o for the new server,
samosa is the emergancy backup ftp.d.o server and will also probably be
the CD image server, thus it needs to have an ftpable copy of the archive.

> You may want to mention here whether the mirror coordinator will want to
> do this work :-)

Ooh, that's me again! Well let me say that I will echo the general
sentiment the rest of you have shown - since it is non free and nobody
else wants to have nothing to do with it then I will also place it at the
bottom of my pile of things to do.

That makes it pretty much unanimous - all the current people involved with
maintaining the machines and archive have indicated that they would all
but ignore the non-free stuff once it is split off. 

I've added a new paragraph to that effect.. 

http://www.debian.org/~jgg/split.txt has the changed version.


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