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Re: deregulate/purge "non-free"; merge "contrib" & "main"

On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 02:06:27PM -0400, Will Lowe wrote:
> off of the ftp.debian.org (and mirror) system.  Create a
> userland.debian.org site (or something similar) which allows non-Debian
> people to upload stuff in addition to Debian maintainers.  There would,

I'd prefer not to get into user-contributed packages. It's easy enough
to become a maintainer (we're a user-contributed distribution anyway,
it's just that you have to register). There's no accountability for bugs,
etc. Messy. Red Hatish, even.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB (ex-VK3TYD). 
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