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CFV: swap the official and open-use versions of the new Debian logo


I propose that we swap the official and open-use versions of the new Debian
logo.  As you will recall, the open use version is currently the genie
bottle with a "solid" swirl above the mouth of the bottle, whereas the
official version is a "brushed" swirl alone.

My reasoning is this:

The current official version seems to be more adaptible to things like web
buttons, being of more or less square cross-section.  Indeed, the official
version has already appeared in things like banner advertisements and
appears moderately more popular among the general public.  It would be a
shame to have to act like cops with folks.

Also, I feel the current open use version is somewhat counter-intutive.
The bottle and swirl together are more complex visually than the swirl
alone, and this implies to me a more complex conceptual statement.  Yet the
official logo is the one that carries the extra ideas; it's not just
"Debian", it's "officially endorsed by Debian" or "official Debian

Raul Silva, the creator of our new logo, had the following to say:

<}> I haven't read Branden's idea but I can give you the reason why I made my
<}> choice. The bottle logo represents an action, the genie coming out of the
<}> bottle and doing its thing. This action involves and affects everyone.
<}> The swirl represents the genie, the actual entity that bring on this
<}> change.

It thus appears to me that the logo's creator may be not be in agreement
with my proposal.  I provide this information in the spirit of full
disclosure; I hope my proposal succeeds anyway.  Or maybe Raul can be won
over.  :)

At any rate, my original proposal, made on June 4th, was seconded by the
requisite five other developers required by the Constitution; they were:
  Daniel Jacobowitz
  Ed Lang
  Mark Eichin
  Björn Brenander
  Joseph Carter

(Edward Betts and Tommi Virtanen also seconded.)

I propose the following balloting options:

1) SWAP the logos
2) LEAVE them alone
3) FURTHER discussion

G. Branden Robinson              |     I've made up my mind.  Don't try to
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branden@ecn.purdue.edu           |     -- Indiana Senator Earl Landgrebe
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