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Re: just so you won't miss it...

On Mon, Jun 21, 1999 at 06:22:05PM -0400, R Garth Wood wrote:
> I'll just send this directly to debian-vote(there was no reply-to).
> The reason the distinction is not clear now is that ppl want
> that feature(to be easy to install debs of any license).
> If you try to change that they will just circumvent
> whatever measure is in place and make it just as easy,
> perhaps making the distinction less clear.
> I you want to make the distinction I think there is probably a better
> way. Maybe nf-<pkg_name>*.deb or something.

Is this a recommendation to vote against the proposal, a proposed amendment
to the proposal, or just a comment?

For the record, I would prefer to see nonfree.debian.org.  That way it's
clear to people using FTP and http, also.  When we have our own developers
say Debian's got X number of packages in it (and they count non-free) the
distiction blurred to much.  A different machine (or atleast a different
directory tree) should help restore the balance.

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