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lenny-volatile updates for clamav-related packages

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This mail has been sent to the maintainers of packages using libclamav5
in Debian stable.

As you may have seen, clamav 0.94 will reach its end of life this
Thursday, April 15th.  In order to encourage people to upgrade to the
new version, the clamav project will be releasing a signature update
which will disable older versions of the clamav engine.

In order to allow stable users to continue receiving updated versions of
clamav, it has been updated via the volatile archive a number of times
since lenny's release.  With the upcoming issues, we would like to
invite you to prepare updates for your packages for volatile, which use
the new libraries from the version of clamav currently in volatile.

Please co-ordinate with the volatile admins in order to get the new
versions approved and built on all architectures.

Apologies for the short notice.



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