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Re: Compatibility of stable/volatile

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 12:14:04 Lee Winter wrote:
> The volatile mirror at volatile.debian.org appears to have a structure
> that is compatible with the main debian mirrors.  If that appearance
> is an accurate reflection of reality then the volatile/main/* tree
> should be compatible with the main/* tree.  I use the term compatible
> to mean that a local mirror could be composed of the main archive plus
> the volatile increment and thus require a single entry in the client
> machine's sources.list file.

I noticed you've also asked the same question about the security archive; the 
answer is similar.

> Is that appearance accurate?


> Can volatile be stored in the
> same directory tree and accessed by clients transparently?

You'd need to regenerate/merge the Packages files, Release files, and Contents 
files[1] plus sign the new versions with a key trusted by the client.

> If so, is
> it possible to merge the volatile/* folders into the main repository or
> do they need to remain underneath volatile/ ?

AIUI, they can be merged, since the pool directories should trivially overlap.  
(By this I mean specifically that files with the same relative pathname under 
pool will have the same contents.)

They won't be merged at the Debian project level, since the different 
repositories have different policies regarding updates.  If you are making 
your own repository for your local infrastructure, you should be able to 
mechanically merge the standard repository with either volatile, security, or 

[1] The security archive doesn't have Contents files right now, I think.
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