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Re: Bug#313145: Support for debian-volatile

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On 17-02-2009 09:34, Lupe Christoph wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2009-02-17 at 11:35:09 +0000, George B. wrote:
>> 2009/2/17 Lupe Christoph <lupe@lupe-christoph.de>:
>>> For me, this looks like a case for http://www.backports.org/ .
>> Good point. What is the process to make the request? Should I file a new bug?
> They haven't started lenny-backports yet. The structure is there,
> though. Why don't you just ask on the backports-users mailing list? I;m
> not familiar with the way packages are selected for backports. I use
> them if they are available, otherwise I build my own.

	Joerg announced that lenny-backports is already working. To
upload to backports.org you need to be a Debian Developer and request
your key to be added to the backports.org keyring, if you aren't a DD
you'll have to look for a package sponsor.

	As long as the package is in "testing" it is accepted in
backports.org, that's the "Rule of Thumb".

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