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Re: Is there a way of updating spamassassin rules?

was there an error message? Also, did you had a look on [1]?

Here it is - I'm running sendmail/procmail:

sm-mta[16571]: k9U8TvTo016569: timeout waiting for input from local
during Draining Input

I suspect that the fact that its running on an ageing AMD K6 500MHz
might have something to do with this.

If I run

# spamc < message.txt

It hangs for a *very* long time with the volatile-sloppy version, but
runs OK with 3.0.3 from Sarge.

I might resurrect an unused AMD 22000 that's lying around . . .

Another question - does the spamassassin package from volatile-sloppy
need to be hand-compiled?  I've had no luck with simple apt-get

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