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Re: firehol as a target for volatile

* Alexander Wirt (formorer@debian.org) [060827 18:45]:
> firehol, a frontend for iptables, includes some a variable of reserved IPs.
> These IPs are provided by the IANA [1] unfortunatly there ranges are not as
> stable as I would wish, they change from time to time. As firehol can block
> that comes from reserved networks it gets into trouble if these data is
> outdated. I had some reports in the BTS (#357250) that reported real world
> package loss due to that problem. As I don't think this should be targeted by
> stable uploads volatile seems to be the right place for me. The change would
> only be a oneliner (replace the old ranges with the new ones). If nobody has
> objections I would provide provide an updated package to volatile. 

Perhaps I missed the answer - I think that such an update is ok. Please
upload the relevant package to volatile-master.debian.net, so that we
can review and publish it.


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