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Re: Problems with debian-volatile Rsync

* Dan Goodes (support@planetmirror.com) [050726 00:09]:
> We recently came across a problem trying to sync the debian-volatile
> archive:
> rsync: failed to connect to volatile.debian.net: Connection refused (111)
> Is this a known problem or something you're looking into? Just wanted to
> ping you about it in case you were unaware.

We have issues with the host. Usually, we would just change the DNS, but
as debian is just now moving its main DNS server, we cannot even do

Please see
for details. I hope that this is resolved very soon now.

Actually, mirrors operators can change to volatile-push.turmzimmer.net
(as we have that DNS under our direct control :), and we plan to also
offer push-mirroring from that host in the next days (but first, we need
to resolve the issues with the volatile host in any case). (For the new
address, we will make an seperate announcement as soon as we can offer


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