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neep.com.au mirror temporarily disabled

Hi folks,

I'm sorry to report that my web server is having difficulties since a
colo move last Friday.  As a consequence I have chosen to disable my
debian-volatile mirror for now, and ask that it please be removed from
the mirror list until the server is running smoothly again.

I am looking forward to having the mirror back up again and listed on
the mirrors page before too long.  In the meantime I suggest that users
in the Australasion region use the debian-volatile mirror hosted on
planetmirror.com, or another that may be nearby.


Andrew S.

Andrew Shugg <andrew@neep.com.au>                   http://www.neep.com.au/

"Just remember, Mr Fawlty, there's always someone worse off than yourself."
"Is there?  Well I'd like to meet him.  I could do with a good laugh."

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