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Re: Any plans to include chkrootkit?

On Sunday, July 10 at 10:14 AM, quoth Robert S:
Are there any plans to put chkrootkit onto volatile?  I think that
this would satisfy the criteria for inclusion.

What seems increasingly obvious that most people don't seem to get is that "volatile" does not go scavenge for software it would like to include. "volatile" is a place where software maintainers (that have been approved) may place software designed to run on pure-stable.

If the chkrootkit developer feels like making sure his package will install cleanly on sarge/stable, then he can ask to have it included in volatile. This is what clamav does, for example. But no one involved with volatile is going to say "gosh, it would be nice to keep package X up to date on stable" and then go out and steal the package from out under the package's maintainer and do the extra work to make sure it works with the versions of software available in stable. This is why spamassassin, for as much as everyone would love to have it in volatile, is not: the maintainer has not seen fit to make sure it would work.

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