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[VUA 28-1] Updated packages reflect clamav ABI change

Debian Volatile Update Announcement VUA 28-1     http://volatile.debian.net
debian-volatile@lists.debian.org                         Martin Zobel-Helas
March 05th, 2007                                               Stephen Gran

Package              : clamcour
Version              : 0.2.2-1.1volatile2                 [1]

Package              : mimedefang 
Version              : 2.51-2.1volatile1                  [2]

Package              : sylpheed-claws 
Version              : 1.0.4-1sarge1.1volatile2           [3]

ClamAV Upstream published version 0.90 and introduced a number of ABI changes
which leads to incompatibilities with third party applicatations using
libclamav. Therefor all packages depending on libclamav needed to be be adapted
to the new ABI. 

For sarge, updated packages are available in sarge/volatile. If you use
ClamAV in combination with any of the above packages, we recommend that you
update those packages on your system.

This advisory was sent out with builds of the following architectures being
available. The missing architectures will be released as soon as they are

    amd64         x x x
    arm             x  
    hppa            x x
    i386          x x x
    ia64            x  
    mips          x   x
    mipsel        x x x
    powerpc       x x x
    sparc         x x x
                  | | |
Package:          | | |
    [1]         --+ | |
    [2]         ----+ |
    [3]         ------+

Upgrade Instructions

You can get the updated packages at

[1] http://volatile.debian.net/debian-volatile/pool/volatile/main/c/clamcour/
[2] http://volatile.debian.net/debian-volatile/pool/volatile/main/m/mimedefang/
[3] http://volatile.debian.net/debian-volatile/pool/volatile/main/s/sylpheed-claws/

and install them with dpkg, or add

 deb http://volatile.debian.net/debian-volatile sarge/volatile main
 deb-src http://volatile.debian.net/debian-volatile sarge/volatile main

to your /etc/apt/sources.list. You can also use any of our mirrors.
 See http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-volatile/volatile-mirrors for
the full list of mirrors.  The archive signing key can be downloaded from

For further information about debian-volatile, please refer to
http://volatile.debian.net/ and http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-volatile/.

If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the
volatile team.

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