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RE: disk usage for /usr/lib on bullseye

Hi David,

Skipping to quote most of the mail you wrote, I read it a few more times. :-)

> In the listing above, you have removed versions 7 through 16, and then purged 7, as quoted above. The remaining 8 through 16 contain no modules, and the evidence is shown in your listing
> above: there can be no kernel/ directory in any of them.
> Debian has put in place some protections for kernels to try to prevent users from making the system unbootable. What Debian isn't going to do is change entirely the APT policy just to suit your reluctance to purge kernels rather than just remove them; viz:


> remove: removes the files in the package, but not configuration (or other) files that it or you might have installed.
> purge: removes both the files in the package and the configuration files, including those in the package and those generated at installation time. 
> (In addition, it makes enquiries when files designated as configuration files are detected as having been changed from what was supplied in the package.)

Weird I have never noticed this. I have been using Linux for over 20 years and Debian since Etch. I have never noticed or read that I need to purge a kernel as well.
Well, that just shows that even after all those years I can learn something new about Debian, something at the basic level of simple package management. ;-)

Thanks for the explanations, I hope I am not the only user that learned something and that you were able to educate a few more users as well.

Bonno Bloksma

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