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Re: relevance of packages in repositories

On 07 May 2023 12:14, Дмитрий wrote:

the stable version of Neodim 9.0 in debian 12 is the SEVENTH version, and in order to get the current version, you need to drag something like Homebrew, it really pisses you off and pushes you away from using the distribution

Ahah this post ! ^^
For future posters, this is a perfect example of how NOT to post !
He's lucky others have answered.

An evasive subject.
No politeness.
An wrong/approximate package name.
No real question, just ranting.

In short, zero time taken.
Please fart once before posting next time, you may feel better, and less look like a fool ...

I think I found OP's problem, he's infected with the PEBCAK virus.

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