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OpenCL, boinc, and systemd resource limits

Hi all,

back to trying to get OpenCL-based boinc workloads running.

It appears that the AMD-provided OpenCL stack works to some extent under Debian 12. However, I have some problems with OpenCL-Using boinc-managed PrimeGrid programs.

I do get an error that seems to indicate some resource limit being involved:

Error: opencl error: CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY

when I run the boinc client through systemd.

If the boinc client is run from the shell, for example as

sudo -u boinc boinc

in its proper working directory, everything behaves correctly.

Given the circumstances I suspect some sort of limit on memory.

I just have no idea how I can diagnose this further, or even how to fix it. An attempt with a unit file override with


was not successful.

Does anybody have an idea, or can share recommendation where to ask for more advice? (Debian project, i.e. here because this might be integration / packaging related, freedesktop.org for systemd, boinc project, perhaps -- trying to get assistance at PrimeGrid did so far not result in anything helpful.)



Arno Lehmann

IT-Service Lehmann
Sandstr. 6, 49080 Osnabrück

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